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The National Sports Authority Bahamas

The National Sports Authority (NSA) manages, maintains and operates the 450-acre Queen Elizabeth (Q.E.) Sports Centre. The Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre is a located in the heart of Nassau on the Island of New Providence in The Bahamas. It is centrally located about 15 minutes from the airport and close to the prestigious Cable Beach area where many major hotels are located. It is also about 20 minutes away from Paradise Island.

Sports Tourism and sports play a major role in the Bahamian economy and lifestyle. The Bahamas which is a country known for its natural beauty and hospitable people, is the land of sun, sand, sea and now sports through it being a popular destination for international sporting events. Olympians, athletes, and sports fans locally and internationally enjoy the various facilities which include the following ten venues located at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre.

  • Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium
  • (OTAR) Original Thomas A. Robinson Stadium
  • Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gymnasium
  • Betty Kelly-Kenning National Aquatic Centre
  • National Fair Grounds 
  • Multi -Purpose Field
  • The National Tennis Complex
  • The Andre Rodgers Baseball Complex
  • Golf Course
  • The National Hot-Rod Racing Facility
  • The Roscoe A.L. Davies Soccer Complex
  • Blue Hill Sporting Complex



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